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Jose Salazar on Working Through the Uncertainty and Getting Back to Business

The chef and owner of Goose + Elder, Mita’s, and Salazar says, "Restaurant people are fighters by nature, and we don’t easily succumb."

Mayor John Cranley on How the City Has Rallied Together During COVID-19

Cincinnati’s mayor, John Cranley, talks about how everyone in city government has united to guide the city through a pandemic.

Garren Colvin on St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s Efforts to Combat COVID-19

The president and CEO of St. Elizabeth Healthcare discusses the hospital's preparation to care for victims of the pandemic and its participation in a trial to help end it.

Editor’s Letter, July 2020: There’s Always Hope

We don’t know what the rest of 2020 will bring, but we do know where we’ve been as a community and how we overcame previous bleak times together.

Jim Obergefell Is Still on the Right Side of History

Young LGBTQ activists discuss the state of the equal rights movement with Jim Obergefell, five years after his landmark Supreme Court victory.

Editor’s Letter, June 2020: What Makes a Hero?

How we show up for each other matters. The pandemic has revealed how our friends and neighbors keep showing up. Jim Obergefell knows what that’s like, too.

Three Training Solutions to Help You and Your Dog

Don't train your pups in vain! In-home, boarding, and virtual help is available for coaching dogs and owners alike.

Five Easy Flowers to Grow in the Cincinnati Area

We spoke with Susan Rahn Patten, co-owner of A.J. Rahn Greenhouses, to get suggestions for five easy flowers to grow in this area.

Editor’s Letter, May 2020: Our Pets and our New Routine

In a new routine of isolation and uncertainty, our pets’ companionship and loyalty has been a welcome relief.

How Much Cincinnati Loves Beer By the Numbers

Recent studies show Cincinnati not only has an impressive total of breweries per capita, but it's also the top U.S. city for beer drinkers.