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Nehemiah Manufacturing Gave Rayshun Holt a Second Chance

Rayshun Holt went to prison at age 15. When he was released 21 years later, he struggled to find a purpose until he discovered Nehemiah Manufacturing.

Jim Obergefell Is Still on the Right Side of History

Young LGBTQ activists discuss the state of the equal rights movement with Jim Obergefell, five years after his landmark Supreme Court victory.

In 1968, Jimmy Page and the Yardbirds Played at St. Xavier’s Prom

Months before the legendary guitar player formed a little band called Led Zeppelin, he and his bandmates took an unexpected gig—and made quite an impression.

How Dean Regas Became One of the Nation’s Best-Known Astronomers

After a “pseudo-religious moment” gazing at stars in his twenties, Dean Regas charted a new course, helping to revive the 175-year-old Cincinnati Observatory.

We Took Our Adopted Daughter Back to Visit Her Birth Country

A couple from Loveland traveled to China to adopt a baby girl. Eleven years later, they went back, and learned how far they'd come.

Nick Senzel Has Been Proving the Doubters Wrong His Entire Baseball Career

People are doubting Nick Senzel once again. That’s a place where he’s always thrived, and he has a long history of proving doubters wrong.

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Get to Know These Cincinnatians

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Paddling the Ohio River Recreation Trail

A group of outdoor lovers hopes to create a 274-mile water trail so we can all see the Ohio as a place for recreation, respite, and adventure.

Meet the Two Congressional Candidates Trying to Unseat Steve Chabot

Nikki Foster of Mason and Kate Schroder of Clifton are running in the Democratic primary for Ohio’s 1st Congressional District to fight for better access to healthcare.

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