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Editor’s Letter, July 2020: There’s Always Hope

We don’t know what the rest of 2020 will bring, but we do know where we’ve been as a community and how we overcame previous bleak times together.

Dr. Know: A Waving-Arm Balloon Man, A Traffic Helicopter Crash, and Ruth Lyons’s Alley

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including what that flapping thing is doing atop Congregation Beth Adam, what happened after a traffic copter crashed, and naming streets.

Editor’s Letter, June 2020: What Makes a Hero?

How we show up for each other matters. The pandemic has revealed how our friends and neighbors keep showing up. Jim Obergefell knows what that’s like, too.

In Defense of the Selfie

Selfies look like the very expression of narcissism, but our columnist argues that maybe these images mean just a little bit more.

Dr. Know: Cincinnati’s Mouseketeer, a Hidden Cemetery, and Ohio’s Weed Rules

We answer questions about Jimmie Dodd’s hometown, reconnecting with the United American Cemetery, and how to manage your medical marijuana in Ohio.

A Letter from John Fleischman, Who’s Locked Down in Lombardy

He describes what it’s like to be a Cincinnati time traveler marooned in the epicenter of Italy's COVID-19 outbreak.

Editor’s Letter, May 2020: Our Pets and our New Routine

In a new routine of isolation and uncertainty, our pets’ companionship and loyalty has been a welcome relief.

Dr. Know: Giant Robots, Commercial Timing, and Solid Cincinnati

The good doctor holds forth on troubling issues, including where the Jacobs Mechanical Tin Man went, why you're seeing snippets of commercials in late night TV, and city slogans.

Donna Spiegel Finds Joy in Helping Kids

The owner of the Snooty Fox consignment chain is also the driving force behind the Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati.

Teens for Decency Wanted to Keep Things Clean in 1969

The 1960s were a turbulent time. Youth culture was in full swing, and so was the backlash to it. In 1969, dueling rallies came to town, but there was no clear winner.

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